In the early stages of a Charities life there is a necessary reliance upon the generosity of Family and Friends.  This support tends to be both physical; in terms of free help at events and financial in terms of buying tickets to events and early donations. An example of this, is a Charity local to me that started back in 2009. One of the first events was a open air féte at the height of summer.  So who was to man the stalls, take entry money and clean up afterwards? In the end the siblings of the Charity proprietor did it and because of a problem with local authority consent to use a public park for the even it was held in the large garden of a friend.

This is an acceptable paradigm at the start. But what happens when this generosity starts to wear thin or other commitments are pulling that support away from the cause. There are only so many time in a year that you can turn to your nearest and dearest for support. So what are the options?

That is exactly what this series of posts is intended to explain. I have named it Putting your hands in other peoples pockets because that’s precisely what needs to be done. Charities have to learn to leverage the kindness of strangers. In each part of this series I will hope to share ideas, that have a proven record of success, to help raise money from outside the Charity organisers inner circle.

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