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September 19th is the official International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrr!

On this day buxom wenches, landlubbers and salty sea dogs alike can break out the grog, hoist their mainstays and unleash their inner Blackbeards.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is observed across the seven seas, with it’s Facebook page having more than 35000 likes. So what better t-shirts to put in front of you scurvy lot (and you to put in front of your own scurvy lot) than Shot Dead in the Head’s bestselling Pirate T-Shirts. Also available in mugs, mousemats and (cabin) boys sizes..

You can get the T-Shirt’s, eye-patch optional, and raise money for Charity by logging on to your account.

Bensons for Beds have a new sale starting tomorrow, finishing on the 25th of September:

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Bensons for Beds Sale

Unleash the animal in you and delight in the sights and sounds of nature while you embark on an exciting new 10k running event through London Zoo this September. Whether you want to sprint, strut or stomp this new Stampede event will provide runners of all abilities with a 10k unlike any other in London!

The ZSL London Zoo Stampede 10k will be taking place on Sunday 16th September, giving runners a great chance to experience running through the zoo before it opens to the public and taking in the scenery of the unique pathways of exotic animals, before entering the wilderness of Regents Park.

To sign up for the ZSL London Zoo Stampede and to find out more information, take a look here. 

To sign up for the ZSL London Zoo Stampede and to find out more information, take a look here.